One Big Mistake Transitioning Military Families Make

August 30, 2018 - 7:00am

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“Why get insurance now?” asked Kristen Hoffman, Life Insurance Specialist for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs during a special Blue Star Families Facebook live. “Because your life may change! You don’t want to miss out just because you’re not ‘there’ right now.”

The biggest mistake Hoffman sees is military families transitioning out of service without life insurance and then realizing they need it later in life–usually after an unfortunate health diagnosis.

“By then, it may be too late!” she warns.

In Hoffman’s Facebook Live interview with Blue Star Families, she explains that not everyone is guaranteed coverage, including veterans with war-related ailments. Pre-existing conditions like PTSD could make it even more challenging to get the coverage you need.


“Because insurance companies look at your health and then determine your eligibility,” she explains.

Insurance + Bad Health = No Coverage

Trust us. You don’t want to find this out the hard way. To avoid heartache for you and your family watch Hoffman’s interview below.

You’ll learn:

  1.    The benefit options available to you and your spouse.
  2.    The critical application deadlines you must know. (Hint: There’s a time frame where you can get coverage without having to do a health review!)
  3.    The steps you need to take to apply now.   

Avoid the mistake of not getting life insurance coverage in time. Use Hoffman’s interview to get the conversation started with your spouse, today. Watch now:

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